A NEW survey has found that pay for people working in human resources roles in Basingstoke lags behind London by as much as 24%.

The annual HR Salary Survey by pay and benefits experts Croner Reward found the average median salary for an human resources professional in Basingstoke is £51,273.

This is compared to a median average salary of £49,356 in the south east, £47,919 nationally and £77,149 in central London.

Croner Reward gathered their data by surveying 316 organisations with 1,427 job roles, which according to pay & benefits expert Laura Sharratt shows a stark contrast in the amount of pay you receive depending on where you live.

Laura said: “The survey clearly highlights that pay for HR professionals in Basingstoke is well below that of the same type of role in London but higher than the national average.

“This is largely because the cost of living, such as house prices and transport, is so much higher in London compared to other parts of the UK.

“Despite these factors HR professionals salaries in Basingstoke are still up to 24% behind those of London and we only expect this gap to widen.”