A WEST Sussex County Councillor has been chosen to fight the Romsey parliamentary seat for UKIP in next May’s General Election.

She is Sandra James who was selected by party members in a secret ballot. Sandra’s career has involved working in the aerospace, finance and IT industries and she was lead researcher for UKIP in the party’s 2013 Eastleigh by-election campaign.

Ms James said: “The result of the hustings held in Romsey has allowed me the privilege of representing UKIP in this constituency.

“The polls are increasingly showing that people agree with UKIP’s concern about our membership of the European Union, from uncontrolled borders and inward net migration of 250,000 per annum affecting our housing, schools, employment, wages and public services to EU regulations which impede all size of business’ as evidenced with the loss of the Ford manufacturing Transit plant locally.”

Pointing out that she was looking forward to meeting people in the constituency, Ms James added: “UKIP is the only party that is taking these issues head on and people are increasingly joining us. I will be campaigning tirelessly for this seat building on this momentous support for UKIP both locally and across the UK – we can indeed create a political earthquake through support from the electorate and remove career politicians from Westminster.”

Her partner lives in Valley Park.