Romsey teenager Sam Mangoro has kept a very special appointment with medics who helped save his life.

Sam, 16, a student at The Mountbatten School, suffered a cardiac arrest during a PE lesson in March.

His teacher began CPR on him before other staff members gave Sam shocks from the school’s new defibrillator.

South central Ambulance Service (SCAS) crews arrived on scene and continued to treat Sam and stabilise him before taking him to Southampton General.

Sam was initially put in a medically induced coma before being treated in intensive care and a cardiac ward. He has since had an internal defibrillator fitted to help prevent another cardiac arrest.

Last week Sam, accompanied by his mum, Lynda, and his baby brother, Elijah, travelled to Nursling Resource Centre where he chatted to staff who treated him.

During his visit Sam presented staff with a thank-you card before being given a tour of the ambulance station.

Sam said: “Though I have no memory of the day, it was nice to put faces to the stories I have been told, and to hear about the day from their perspective. They will have my eternal gratitude, I don't even know if I would be here without them.”

Mum, Lynda explained: “On that day I remember having complete and utter faith that Sam was in the best hands as the crew put tubes down his throat and did what they needed to do. They even managed to reassure and calm us, despite the gravity of the situation. It was really a pleasure to meet the crew and say thank you to these wonderful people for what they did – making the decisions and taking the actions that ensured Sam not only survived, but did so with no lasting damage. I know paramedics are professionals but they are people, too, and I think it's so important to acknowledge the wonderful work they do and the part they play in creating miracles every day.

“My husband, and I, and everyone who knows and loves Sam will be forever grateful."

The reunion was equally special for the SCAS crews.

Perry Roles, SCAS Technician, explained: “It was great to meet Sam looking so well and to speak to his mum. We don't often get the chance to be reunited with patients post cardiac arrest so the meeting was very special. Attending and treating Sam on that day so quickly and effectively was thanks to fantastic teamworking not only from the bystanders but all the SCAS crews."