A ROMSEY daredevil has been arrested after scaling the Eiffel Tower.

James Kingston was taken to a police station in Paris after climbing the famous landmark.

He claims he “nailed it” by reaching the top of the 1,063ft (301m) structure.

The 24-year-old confirmed to our reporter that he was arrested by officers who were waiting for him at the foot of the tower.

On Tuesday he posted a photo of himself online standing underneath the landmark, with the caption “Hey Eiffel Tower, I’m going to climb you”.

James shot to notoriety last year after recording a video of himself hanging off a crane at a building site in Ocean Village in Southampton, and climbing the gasometers next to St Mary’s Stadium.

Since then James has been featured in the Channel 4 documentary Don’t Look Down, and now his exploits are on extreme sports website EpicTV, where he has a six-part video series.

Just days before climbing the Eiffel Tower, James released a video of himself climbing a 125-metre Continued on page 3 crane above the heart of the Indian city of Bangalore.

James admitted that some of the fear he used to feel when climbing up tall structures has now “worn away” and he hopes to have new challenges in the future.

However, he prefers to do his climbs away from Southampton due to his “notoriety” since the crane climb and scaling the gasometers.

He added: “I hope to scale other buildings across the world. I do not have a plan, it is just a case of wait and see.”

He was warned by Hampshire Constabulary after his crane climb in Ocean Village.

Following that incident, a police spokesman said: “James has put himself at considerable risk again and continues to do so.

Concern “He could have easily died if he’d fallen. While realistically it is unlikely he will take any notice himself of our warnings, it is our concern that stunts like this can encourage others and they may not be so lucky.

“People should not see these photos as inspiration to follow in James’s footsteps.

“We would advise anyone to think long and hard before doing anything like this.

“If they are not concerned for their own safety then they should think of the others, like their family or witnesses that could be affected if they were to fall.”