THE race is on for a county council seat as the names of candidates for the upcoming election are released.

Current council leader Roy Perry will be standing again in the newly-formed Romsey Rural ward, against former parliamentary candidate for Fareham Don Jerrard.

Another name back in the hat is former Independent Police and Crime Commission Simon Hayes who is standing as the Conservative nominee for Romsey Town. Mr Hayes will have to work hard for the seat which is currently held by Mark Cooper, who is also standing.

Elsewhere in the county, Fareham Borough Council leader Seán Woodward is again standing for the Fareham Sarisbury seat and Keith House, Eastleigh Borough Council leader, will be hoping for re-election in his ward of Hamble.

Voting takes place on May 4.

John Coughlan, county returning officer and County Council chief executive, said: “County Council elections enable the democratic process to take place and provide an opportunity for members of the public to have their say at the ballot box.

“I would encourage everyone who is entitled to vote, to turn out and choose who they wish to represent them.”

The county-wide election occur every four years and voters in all 76 electoral divisions choose who they want to run service in their area - from education, roads and social care for vulnerable children and adults, to access to the countryside and libraries.

Two divisions elect two councillors – Leesland & Town (Gosport) and Fareham Town – due to the size of the electorate, so the council consists of 78 councillors.

Councillors represent all the people within their divisions, decide how £1.9 billion of taxpayers’ money is spent each year, and make the policies to secure high quality services for the residents of, and visitors to Hampshire. They also provide a focus for local people when they have concerns or want things done.

To be eligible to vote residents must be on the electoral register, having registered by Thursday April 13.

To register, visit:; If you don’t have internet access, then contact your local district or borough council.

Basingstoke and Deane

Basingstoke Central

Doris Jones – Liberal Democrat

Matthew Pinto – Green party

Brian Simmonds – Conservative

Alan Stone – UKIP

Michael Westbrook – Labour

Basingstoke North

Jane Frankum – Labour

Paul Miller – Conservative

Zoe-Marie Rogers – Liberal Democrat

Duncan Stone – UKUP

Basingstoke North West

Stephen Day – Liberal Democrat

Philip Heath – UKIP

Antony Jones – Labour

Robert Taylor – Conservative

Basingstoke South East

Spencer Cleary – UKIP

Gavin James – Liberal Democrat

Andrew McCormick – Labour

Terri Reid – Conservative

Basingstoke South West

Ian Edney – Labour

Carl Reader – Liberal Democrat

Stephen Reid – Conservative

David White – UKIP


Paul Kelly – UKIP

Stephen Rothman – Labour

Rhydian Vaughan – Conservative

Candovers, Oakley & Overton

Helen Jeffery – Labour

Anna McNair-Scott – Conservative

Alan Simpson – UKIP

Lucy Sloane – Liberal Democrat

Ian Tilbury – Independent


Mary Brian – Labour

Richard Lilleker – Liberal Democrat

Sue Perkins – UKIP

Elaine Still – Conservative

Tadley & Baughurst

David Fodden – Labour

Warwick Lovegrove – Liberal Democrat

Derek Mellor – Conservative

Anne Mockford – Green Party

Whitchurch & The Cleres

John Rodway – Labour

Andrew Smith – Green Party

Linda Stepney – Liberal Democrat

Tom Thacker – Conservative

East Hampshire

Alton Rural

Rigby Andrews – UKIP

Nicholas James – Liberal Democrat

Mart Kemp-Gee – Conservative

Janice Treacher – Labour

Christina West – Green Party

Alton Town

Kellie Griffin – Labour

Eleanor Hill – Green Party

Andrew Joy – Conservative

John Pritchard – Liberal Democrat


Michael Burgess – Labour

Marge Harvey – Conservative

Helena Hurd – Green Party

Elaine Woodard – Liberal Democrat

Liphook, Headley & Grayshott

Trevor Maroney – Liberal Democrat

Floss Mitchell – Conservative

John Tough – Labour

Eddie Trotter – Justice & Anti-Corruption Party

Petersfield Butser

Helen Bolitho – Labour

Jim Makin – UKIP

Rob Mocatta – Conservative

David Podger – Liberal Democrat

Roger Wallsgrove – Green Party

Petersfield Hangers

Louise Bevan – Liberal Democrat

Malcolm Bint – UKIP

Peter Bisset – Green Party

Howard Linsley – Labour

Russel Oppenheimer – Conservative

Steve Whiting – Justice & Anti-Corruption Party

Whitehill, Bordon & LIndford

Adam Carew – Conservative

Digby Payne – Labour

Sally Pond – Liberal Democrat

Neville Taylor – Independent


Bishopstoke & Fair Oak

Ray Bellinger – Labour

Steven Broomfield – Conservative

John Edwards – UKIP

Dave Hubble – Green Party

Louise Parker-Jones – Independent

Mike Thornton – Liberal Democrat

Botley & Hedge End

Rosanna Campbell ¬– Green Party

Ann King – UKIP

Rupert Kyrle – Liberal Democrat

Jamie Millis – Conservative

Kevin Williamson – Labour

Chandler’s Ford

Jamie Duguid – Liberal Democrat

Judith Grajewski – Conservative

Peter House – UKIP

Sarah Mann – Labour

Eastleigh North

Daniel Clarke – Liberal Democrat

Alexander Hughes – Green Party

Andy Moore – UKIP

Kathy O’Neill – Labour

Chris Yates – Conservative

Eastleigh South

Wayne Irish – Liberal Democrat

Simon Payne – Conservative

Shere Sattar – Labour

Andy Whitehouse – UKIP


Edward Giles – Conservative

Keith House – Liberal Democrat

Siobhan O’Rourke – Labour

Paul Webber – UKIP

Anna Wyse – Green party

Hedge End & West End South

Tonia Craig – Liberal Democrat

Terry Crow – Labour

Jerry Hall – Conservative

Hugh McGuinness – UKIP

West End & Horton Heath

Ben Burcombe-Filer – Conservative

Glynn Fleming – Green Party

Geoff Kosted – Labour

Martin Lyon – UKIP

Bruce Tennent – Liberal Democrat


Fareham Crofton

Jim Forrest – Liberal Democrat

Pal Hayre – Conservative

Rosemary Hobbs – Green Party

Les Ricketts – Labour

Kim Rose – UKIP

Fareham Portchester

Geoff Fazackarley – Conservative

Roger Price – Liberal Democrat

Stuart Rose – Labour

Fareham Sarisbury

Norman Pasley – Green Party

Ben Powell – Liberal Democrat

James Sebley – Labour

Sean Woodward – Conservative

Fareham Titchfield

Martin Francis – Liberal Democrat

Geoffrey Michael – Conservative

Michael Prior – Labour

Fareham Town (Two seats)

Fred Birkett – Conservative

Shaun Cunningham – Liberal Democrat

David Harrison – Green Party

Dilys Harrison – Green Party

Peter Latham – Conservative

Andrew Mooney – Labour

Richard Ryan – Labour

Fareham Warsash

Tony Blewett – UKIP

James Carr – Labour

Keith Evens – Conservative

Miles Grindey – Green Party

Jim Palmer – Liberal Democrat



Alan Durrant – Labour

Stephen Hammond – Liberal Democrat

Nancy Hurworth – Green Party

Stephen Philpott – Conservative

Stephen Thomas – UKIP


Graham Burgess – Conservative

Sean Evans – Liberal Democrat

Peter Hurworth – Green Party

Stan Seymour – UKIP

Jill Whitcher – Labour

Leesland & Town (Two seats)

John Bowles – UKIP

Chris Carter – Conservative

Peter Edgar – Conservative

David Foster – UKIP

David Harrison – Green Party

Robert Hylands – Liberal Democrat

Stephen Marshall – Liberal Democrat

Charis Noakes – Labour

David Sekules – Green Party

Mark Smith – Labour


Church Crookham & Ewshot

Clive Astin – Labour

John Bennison – Community Campaign

Stephen Gorys – Conservative

Dawn Moors – UKIP

Chas Spradbery – Green Party

Fleet Town

Sam Butler – Labour

Steve Forster – Conservative

Howling Hope – Official Monster Raving Looney Party

Alan Langridge ¬– UKIP

Alan Oliver – Community Campaign

Hartley Wintney & Yateley West

Tim Davies – Conservative

John Howe – UKIP

Ruth Jarman – Green Party

David Simpson – Liberal Democrat

Joyce Still – Labour

Odiham & Hook

Amanda Affleck-Cruise – Labour

Graham Cockarill – Liberal Democrat

Jonathan Glen – Conservative

Oliver Kevin – UKIP

Graham Stacey – Green Party

Yateley East & Blackwater

Adrian Collett – Liberal Democrat

Amy Cullen – Labour

Shawn Dickens – Conservative

Frank Gantley – Green Party

Mike Gascoigne – UKIP


Cowplain & Hart Plain

Fiona Drinan – Liberal Democrat

Bruce Holman – Green Party

David Keast – Conservative

John Picard – UKIP

Howard Sherlock – Labour

Emsworth & St. Faiths

Ray Bolton – Conservative

John Davis – UKIP

Sue Dawes – Green Party

Munazza Faiz – Labour

Crispin Ward – Liberal Democrat

Hayling Island

Richard Coates – UKIP

Sheree Earnshaw – Labour

Paul Gray – Liberal Democrat

Sue Holt – Green Party

John Moore – BNP

Lance Quantrill Conservative

North East Havant

Jackie Branson – Conservative

Malc Carpenter – UKIP

Richard Lanchester – Green Party

Phil Munday – Labour

Faith Ponsonby – Liberal Democrat

North West Havant

Liz Fairhurst – Conservative

Philippa Gray – Liberal Democrat

Terry Mitchell – Green Party

Phil Pearson – Labour

Dave Walbridge – UKIP

Purbrook & Stakes South

Ann Bazley – Liberal Democrat

Rosie Blackburn – Green Party

Andy Boxall – UKIP

Gary Hughes – Conservative

Anthony Martin – Labour

Waterloo & Stakes North

Anthony Berry – Labour

Catherine Billam – Liberal Democrat

Ann Briggs – Conservative

Tim Dawes – Green Party

Alan Stone – UKIP

New Forest


Margaret Bailey – UKIP

Brian Curwain – Labour

Keith Mans – Conservative

Henry Mellor – Green Party

Ruth Rollin – Liberal Democrat

Dibden & Hythe

James Binns – Conservative

Chris Harrison – Independent

Julie Renyard – Labour

Malcolm Wade – Liberal Democrat

Lymington & Boldre

Jack Davies – Liberal Democrat

Jacqui England – Independent

Maggie Humphreys – Labour

Timothy Rowe – Green Party

Michael White – Conservative

Lyndhurst & Fordingbridge

John Haywood – Labour

Edward Heron – Conservative

Janet Richards – Green Party

Alexi Sugden – Liberal Democrat

Jane Ward – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

New Milton

Paul Bailey – UKIP

Mark Clark – Liberal Democrat

Caroline Hexter – Labour

Des Hjerling – Pirate Party

Mel Kendal – Conservative

New Milton North, Milford & Hordle

Fran Carpenter – Conservative

Wynford Davies – Liberal Democrat

Peter Terry – Labour


Tom Cornwall – Liberal Democrat

Peter Kelleher – Labour

Julian Konczak – Green Party

Michael Thierry – Conservative

South Waterside

Pete Dance – Labour

Alexis McEvoy – Conservative

Lorraine Monaghan – Liberal Democrat

John Pemberton – Green Party

Totton North & Netley Marsh

Alan Goodfellow – Labour

Neville Penman – Conservative

Caroline Rackham – Liberal Democrat

Totton South & Marchwood

Len Harris – Conservative

David Harrison – Liberal Democrat

Kevin McCartney - Labour


Aldershot North

Kevin Betsworth – UKIP

Terry Bridgeman – Labour

Charles Choudhary – Conservative

Abu Koher – Liberal Democrat

Aldershot North

Len Amos – UKIP

Craig Card – Liberal Democrat

Frank Rust – Labour

Gary Simpson – Green Party

Bill Withers – Conservative

Farnborough North

David Bell – UKIP

Leola Card – Liberal Democrat

Roz Chadd – Conservative

Clive Grattan – Labour

Farnborough South

Roland Dibbs – Conservative

Chris Harding – UKIP

Abul Koher Chowdhury – Liberal Democrat

Colin Southon – Labour

John Wall – Independent

Donna Wallace – Green Party

Farnborough West

Rod Cooper – Conservative

Alain Dekker – Liberal Democrats

Sue Gadsby – Labour

Peta Howell – Green Party

Mark Staplehurst – UKIP

Test Valley

Andover North

Katherine Anne Bird – Liberal Democrats

Kirsty Marie Locke – Conservative

Timothy Martin Rolt – UKIP

Andover South

Martin David Boiles – Conservative

Daniel Emmerson – UKIP

Tony Hooke – Independent

Catherine Hosen – Green Party

Richard Rowles – Liberal Democrats

Felicity Thorpe Tracey - Labour

Andover West

Zilliah Helena Brooks – Conservative

Andy Fitchet – Labour

Luigi Gregori – Liberal Democrats

Norman Henry Richard Woods – UKIP


Roger Charles Curtis – Conservative

Alan George Dowden – Liberal Democrats

Amanda Ford – L/abour

Romsey Rural

Heather Ruth Butler – Labour

Don Jerrard – The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party

Roy James Perry – Conservative

Catherine Margaret Royce – Liberal Democrats

Romsey Town

Stuart Charles Bannerman – Labour

Mark Geoffrey Cooper – Liberal Democrats

Simon Alexander Hayes – Conservative

Test Valley Central

Carol Marie Bartholomew – Green Party

Andrew George Anthony Gibson – Conservative

Harry Paul – Liberal Democrats

David Stevens – Labour


Bishops Waltham

Steve Haines – Labour

Rob Humby – Conservative

Victoria Louise Jones – Green Party

Lewis North – Liberal Democrats

Itchen Valley

Chris Hesketh-Roberts – Green Party

Richard William James – Labour

Ernest David Jeffs – Conservative

Jackie Porter – Liberal Democrats

Meon Valley

Vivian Sudhakar Achwal – Liberal Democrats

Anne Coleman – Green Party

Roger Charles Huxstep – Conservative

Leslie Thomas Mitchell – UKIP

Anne Christine West – Labour

Winchester Downlands

Eleanor Bell – Liberal Democrats

Catherine Mary Hutchinson – Labour

Max Priesemann – Green Party

Jan Warwick – Conservative

Winchester Eastgate

Janet Mary Berry – Labour

Dominic Charles Alan Hiscock – Liberal Democrats

Fiona Marion McMillan – Conservative

Teresa Skelton – The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party

Andrew Karl Wainwright – Green Party

Winchester Southern Parishes

Alexander Jon Graft – Labour

Patricia Grace Stallard – Conservative

Dave Walker-Nix – Green Party

Simon Paul Wernick – Liberal Democrats

Winchester Westgate

Jack Moran – Labour

Kia Robert Pope – Green Party

Ian Donald Tait – Conservative

Martin Paul Niebuhr Tod – Liberal Democrats