HAMPSHIRE police officers and residents have been recognised for their commitment to fighting crime.

Whether they tackled armed robbers, used innovative ways to combat crime or helped protect people’s lives, they have all been honoured during the Hampshire Constabulary’s Chief Constable’s Awards ceremony in Netley.

John Apter, chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation, said: “It’s good to see the bravery of officers recognised in this way, this is a celebration of what is great about policing. Those officers and members of the public receiving awards at this ceremony deserve our thanks, they should be extremely proud of their achievement, as we are of them.”

Special Sgt Phil Keeling, from prevention and neighbourhoods Alton, received the Special Constabulary Long Service Bar award while Police Staff Long Service Certificates was given to Christine Searle.

Special Inspector Sam Berry received the Special Constable of the Year award for her dedication to the Cyber Specials and Cyber Volunteers Programme.

THREE officers have been rewarded for having showed bravery when threatened with a gun.

PC Barry Watson, PC Geoffrey Speak and PC Sarah Catton received Chief Constable Commendation for their prompt actions when had to deal with a man trying to kill himself in Portsmouth, back in July 2016.

PC Watson who arrived first to the scene was confronted with a man pointing a black pistol directly at him. He took cover behind a vehicle and provided commentary of what was happening to his colleagues.

PC Speak and PC Catton arrived shortly afterwards and when the armed man spotted PC Speak, turned his gun on him.

PC Speak convinced the man to put down the gun and looked after him with the help of PC Catton until paramedics arrived.

Paul Smith, 48, of Lower Forbury Road, Portsmouth, was jailed for 32 months in November for possession of an imitation firearm.

RESIDENTS Tommy and Abbey Jones received Chief Constable Commendations for bravery, grit and courage during an attempted armed robbery.

The couple were at Lloyds Bank in Liphook on May last year when a man entered holding a gun and demanded money from the cashier.

Mr Jones punched the armed man and they started grappling for the gun while Mrs Jones grabbed the armed man’s bag which contained vital DNA evidence.

Mr Jones was then stabbed by a second man who entered the building.

The bravery of Mr and Mrs Jones forced the two would-be robbers to flee the bank empty-handed.

Their intervention also caused one of the men’s faces to be uncovered, which alongside DNA evidence from the bag, led to his arrest.

Jonathan Pay, 46, of Liphook Road, Lindford, was jailed for 16-and-a-half years last November.

DETECTIVE Inspector Paul Masters has received a Chief Constable Congratulations for his approach to delivering the Digital Media Investigators programme. He used his skills in technology and cyber advances to help catch sex offenders and human traffickers and worked with young people and the elderly, after having identified them as vulnerable groups particularly susceptible to cyber-crimes.

The award for the Special Constable Team of the Year was given to the communications and events team for the work done to organise and promote the Special Constabulary 185th Anniversary celebrations last year.

HERE are the other team members rewarded: S/ACO Simon Bagshot, S/Supt Abby Bagshot, S/Insp Adam Hillier, S/Sgt Nicole Cobby, S/Sgt Simon Tavender and SC Matthew Clark.

Long Service and Good Conduct Medals were given to:

PC Barbra Bradley – Basingstoke response and patrol

Sgt Stuart Gilmour – Meon Valley neighbourhood policing team

DC Lorraine Bell – Economic Crime Investigation Unit

DC Timothy McSpadden – Child Abuse Investigation Team

Insp Glen Stanford – Offender Management Team

PC Paula Deery – Offender Management Team

PC Kevin Hewitt – Offender Management Team

Sgt Aaron Freemantle – Portsmouth

PC Alistair Longworth – Roads Policing Unit

Insp Darren Ord – Roads Policing Unit