SEVERAL candidates for next month's snap general election have been revealed, with a few familiar faces in the hunt for the Romsey seat.

Conservative Caroline Nokes will be looking to extend her Romsey and Southampton North majority of 17,712 when she again takes on Labour's Darren Paffey.

Also in the hunt for the ward are Liberal Democrat Catherine Royce and leader of the Justice and Anti-Corruption party Don Jerrard – both candidates stood for the Romsey Rural seat in yesterday's county council elections.

Ms Nokes, who has held the Romsey seat since 2010, wants to continue the work in the town "I love".

"It has been a huge honour and privilege to represent Romsey and Southampton North in Parliament for the last seven years," she added.

"A significant part has always been about representing the area I love and have always lived in, helping people in my local community and making sure Romsey and Southampton North has a strong and experienced voice in Westminster.

"I am very proud to have a record of being one of the most responsive MPs in Westminster. I know how important it is that individuals have their concerns listened to and acted upon, whether it be about housing, education, immigration, or any one of the hundreds of issues raised with me every single week.

"Since 2016 I have been a minister in Theresa May's government, the first time the MP for Romsey has been a government minister since David Price in the 1970s. However, over the last year, whilst carrying out my duties as a minister, I have always put my constituents first, and very much hope to be able to continue to work on their behalf."

Fellow candidate Darren Paffey, who also stood for the seat in 2015 and is currently a Southampton city councillor, wants the help the ward fight for a fairer, better future.

"It’s a real privilege to have been selected as Labour’s candidate; in 2015 we doubled the previous number of votes cast for the party," he added.

"The choice on June 8 is clearer than ever: a strong Labour voice for Romsey and Southampton North fighting for a better, fairer future for all of us, or a Tory who will carry on propping up Theresa May’s agenda, driving through vicious welfare cuts to the most vulnerable, privatising the NHS, dismantling our education system, and rewarding a privileged few at the expense of everyone else.

"I came here to study in 2000, and I’m now a university lecturer in Southampton, where I live with my wife and two young children. My passion for education comes from my own experience as the first person in my family to go to university.

"As a local councillor in Southampton, I’ve worked hard to speak up for local people and help to make our communities even better places to live, learn, and work."

Lib Dem Catherine Royce says she wants to help bring about a change of direction to the county's policy and negotiations.

“This election will be a lot about Brexit but it will also be about who we are and what sort of country we want to live in," she added.

"A country that is open and tolerant, outward looking and prepared to work with others, or closed, intolerant and isolated.

"It should also be about other issues affecting our everyday lives: properly funding the NHS and social care, education, housing, taxation and our environment. They are not part of Brexit but will be deeply affected by the final deal.

"I am a Liberal Democrat because I believe in working with others at home and abroad to achieve a better life for everyone, a fairer society where the gains are more evenly spread and a caring society where public services provide for the ill and elderly better that they do at the moment.

"For that to happen we need a strong and stable economy, not the chaos of an economic crash through a hard Brexit."

Justice and Anti-Corruption party leader Don Jerrard wants to bring more educational opportunities to local residents.

"I am standing for Romsey for three main reasons," he said.

"The first is to stop the abuse of power by politicians, the second is to fight for better educational opportunities for all the people in Hampshire – which is my passion.

"Lastly I will be dealing with the horrendous issues and questions that need to be asked regarding historic child abuse."

Also standing is Ian Callaghan for the Green Party.

Ian says: “The Green Party will be offering voters a real alternative on both Brexit and our future, with a vision of a just and sustainable economy where all generations can be secure.

“On Brexit, the Greens unashamedly offer voters a second referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal that the next Government negotiates – or indeed the absence of a deal. That is vital if there is to be a truly democratic and transparent settlement of the Brexit crisis that is currently dividing the country.

“In Southampton, the issue of air quality has now become literally a matter of life and death, and the problem will not be solved by the weak plan finally put out by the government after being forced to by the courts.

“We urge voters to compare these policies with the alternatives, and, as they weigh up their own and their children’s futures, consider which party is offering a bold and long-term vision of sustainable progress for our country, rather than continued division and growing inequality."

To vote in the general election on June 8, you need to enrol on the electoral register. This can be done by visiting:

You must be registered by May 22.