PUPILS and teachers are jumping for joy following their school’s “pleasing” Ofsted inspection Romsey School is celebrating the result of the report in which it was rated Outstanding in two of the four categories: leadership and behaviour; safety and welfare.

The school is also ranked in the top 20 per cent of all national schools for students’ attainment and progress. It was rated Good overall.

The inspector’s report noted how the school, which became an academy in 2011, works in an “outstanding” way to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare, and that students “listen attentively in class and contribute to discussions fully when asked to”.

Ofsted also reported that the pupils have “exemplary attitudes to their learning” and they “care deeply about other people and the world around them”.

Jonathan de Sausmarez, executive headteacher, and Colm McKavanagh, headteacher, said they were delighted by the report.

“We are so proud of the achievements and the collaborative work of our staff and students,” they added.

“The students, parents and staff deserve all of the credit that they have been given in this report.”

The Ofsted inspector also described some of the teaching as “inspirational” and went on to say that “teachers give pupils demanding work to do and ask them probing questions that require pupils to work hard and think deeply”.

“It was very pleasing for inspectors to comment upon teaching,” the headteachers added.

“The learning and teaching within the school is of a very high quality with students keen to excel and develop into independent successful life-long learners.”

And, as a result of this good teaching, Ofsted noted that “pupils achieve outcomes that are above national averages overall; the school is particularly proud that students of all abilities achieve strong progress against other pupils nationally which means that any child attending the school will achieve great results whilst at the same time be prepared for the future challenges that lay ahead in an every changing world”.

Nevertheless, one improvement note was made on the report, which noted that the school needed the make sure that “all pupils achieve outstanding outcomes across the curriculum by eliminating any remaining variability in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, in particular in key stage 3”.

The school’s previous report, in January 2013, also rated the school as Good overall, but only Outstanding in the category of: behaviour and safety of pupils.