A HAMPSHIRE grandmother is "absolutely livid" after her car was written off in a hit and run.

Norrie Somerville-Jacklin, 85, was making an evening meal when driver rammed her car twice while it was parked on her drive.

But she says police have told her they are not pursuing the culprits.

Now Ms Somerville-Jacklin has been left stranded after spine problems left her unable to walk and her insurance company have told her they won't replace the car.

Neighbours alerted her to the damage on Monday evening.

She went outside to see that her car, a ten year old Peugeot 206 in "impeccable" condition had been rammed along her drive and into the garden wall causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Now insurers have told her the car isn't worth fixing, and have offered her only £1,990 in compensation.

She said: "It wasn't until the next morning that I saw the extent of the damage. But this is absolutely terrible for me because for the last six months I've had a stick and been unable to walk. The car is my lifeline".

A couple walking their dog in the park opposite said they heard two bangs, and went to see if anyone had been hurt.

The woman, who didn't want to be named said: "It's pretty horrendous. It was dark so I could only see that it was a small dark car. They must have been going at speed to have caused that much damage - and the person must have been hurt as well".

But Hampshire police said although the incident was recorded there "are no active lines of enquiry".

A spokesperson said: "There are no active lines of enquiry at this time for us to progress an investigation (e.g. no details that would identify the vehicle, no description of suspect, and no independent witnesses that could help us with the former).

"We were called at 6.51pm on Monday 6 November to reports of a collision on Rivermead Close, Romsey.

"Between 5.30pm and 6pm that evening, a car collided with a Peugeot 206 and then subsequently collided with a garden wall and a garage.

"No one was injured, but structural damage was caused.

"The vehicle did not remain at the scene following the collision.

"This incident has been filed pending further information coming to light that could help progress an investigation.

"Anyone who witnessed the incident, or has any information to help identify the vehicle involved, should contact police on 101 quoting 44170432815."