Andover’s History and Archaeology Society is releasing the latest blast from the past in publishing the 27th edition of its journal.

The society journal called “Lookback at Andover” contains six historical accounts of the people and change that swept through the town, in the longest edition to date.

This year’s volume includes work from the Andover Advertiser columnist Craig Fisher, and covers topics from the military life of an Andover boy to a 1920s utopian settlement near Thruxton.

The 90-page-throwback is the latest in the historical series which started in 1990, and has been edited by David Borrett since 2006.

Mr Borrett said: “We are a charity and all the articles are supplied without payment to contributors.

“Any profits get ploughed back into the work of the society - finance of further publications, paying speakers at the monthly meetings, room hire and research.

“I’ve been doing a lot of research into the high street shops, last year I did an overview which found a lot of shops staying in the same retail trade even though they change hands, and quite a few family businesses were continuing for a few hundred years.”

The Andover History and Archaeology Society meets every fourth Friday of the month.

Lookback at Andover is available to buy from the museum and history society for £3.50.

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