POLICE and housing bosses are investigating alleged racism at a block of Romsey flats.

Several residents have complained to the authorities after ongoing incidents at Tadburn Green flats, in Banning Street.

In one incident, a Nazi swastika was drawn on the wall of the stairwell at the flats, owned by Aster Communities.

Aster says that, to date, three households at the flats have been “targeted” and some of the words written have been threatening and offensive.

One woman, who does not wish to be named, says the attacks have driven her to despair.

“I’ve reported incidents to the police and after one, someone wrote ‘grassing bitch’ in large letters on my front door,” said the victim, who has young children.

She also claims her flat number and the words “grass” have been scribbled across a ground floor wall at the flats.

“‘We will kill you’ was scribbled on the communal stair wall with my flat number and soil has also been splattered over my front door and the balcony floor and in my porch,” added the woman, who is terrified to go out after dark.

“I’ve tried to ignore it all, but it is impossible and very intimidating. What’s happening is racist and discrimination and I believe I am the target. My friends don’t visit anymore because they have been called racist names,” concluded the resident.

Romsey’s police chief, Jackie Willson, confirmed investigations were being carried out into who is behind the incidents at Tadburn Green.

Inspector Willson said: “There is quite a lot of tension at Tadburn Green and we are investigating complaints of antisocial behaviour, including graffiti, which some residents consider as racist.

“We have received a number of complaints from residents and have increased police patrols and we are working with other agencies regarding this matter. Beat 1 team, PC Vicky Dennett and PCSO Hollie Dunning are dealing with it.” Aster Communities has warned tough action will be taken against those behind the trouble if they are caught.

An Aster Communities spokesperson said: “We’re aware there have been some problems recently with graffiti at Tadburn Green. There have also been allegations of racism.

“We take all types of antisocial behaviour extremely seriously and act swiftly to address it. We’re working closely with Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire Constabulary to investigate this issue.

“We’ve contacted all our customers (tenants) living at Tadburn Green to try to find out who’s responsible for the graffiti to stop it happening again. We’ve also encouraged them to contact us immediately if they have suffered as a result of any other forms of antisocial behaviour.”