A FARMER has lost his appeal against his careless driving conviction after a man was left with multiple injuries after slamming into the back of his muck spreader.

James Hunt, 20, of Crook Hill Romsey, was convicted after dad of three, Chris Gregory, from Marchwood, struck the back of his trailer which was sticking out into the fast lane of the A3090 at 6pm on February 4.

Hunt had admitted carrying out a U-turn when he tried to cut across the road in a bid to avoid the busy roundabout at the junction with the A36.

But during his appeal, he claimed his truck was lit with flashing lights and clearly visible to oncoming traffic.

He told the hearing he thought cutting across the road was a safe and easy manoeuvre. However, he saw traffic approachin, forcing him to stop and and the tractor rolled back slightly, causing the trailer to stick out several feet into the road.

The court heard how Mr Gregory’s black BMW then collided with the trailer.

Mr Gregory suffered a broken thigh in two places, a broken lower leg in three places, a broken pelvis in two places and a broken neck and broken ribs – and is currently using a wheelchair on his long road to recovery.

Rejecting Hunt’s appeal, Judge Peter Henry said he had been driving without due care and attention.

He said: “It seems to me that to position a trailer such as this into a duel carriageway, with the obvious dangers it presents, means it was an obvious choice to use the roundabout.”