A HAMPSHIRE councillor is looking into why lorry drivers are ending up in a “no through” road at Nursling.

County member for Romsey Extra, Roy Perry, says some lorries are trying to drive down Nursling Street, a dead end, to reach the nearby Nursling Industrial Estate.

Mr Perry has asked highway chiefs to look into the problems. Mapping systems provided on satnavs have been checked to see if they are to blame.

However, results show that major satnav systems correctly indicate that Nursling Street is a “no through” road.

Mr Perry said: “I would encourage any user of private satnav systems that does give false information about the route to contact the provider.

“Any problem would seem to be caused by drivers using one of the non-major systems, perhaps sold cheaply on the Continent.”

Signs at Nursling Street warn drivers it is a “no through” road.