Robin Hood: RAODS at The Plaza, Romsey

Described as a traditional pantomime, co-authors Cheryl Barrett and Bob Heather (who also directs) have certainly achieved that.

The humour appeals to the younger audience, who get a chance to yell and sing, and also to the older members as they appreciate the numerous double entendres.

Emma Portlock (Robin) duly slaps her thighs throughout whilst Gemma Asher is a demure Maid Marion. Malcolm Clarke (Nellie Scarlett) is a true pantomime dame whilst her ‘son’ Tom Hopgood (Willy Scarlett) endears himself to the audience with his cheeky remarks. The villain sheriff (Leighton Fort as Sir Simon Scowl) brings hisses and boos galore. His sidekicks Cheese and Crackers (Jane Hartley and Colin Russell) add even more fun to the show.

Running gags (The Archers theme music, a horse, audience participation) are just some of the elements that go to make this a successful show. Well done to the younger cast members whose singing and dancing added to everyone’s enjoyment.

Jim Rumsey