A Rownhams woman was assaulted when she opened her door to two men.

Police say the 65-year-old was grabbed by the throat and pushed to the ground.

The men then barged past her as she lay on the floor.

Officers say the men shouted “drugs” as soon as the frightened woman opened to the door to them last Friday evening.

Her 21-year-old grandson who was in the house at Phillips Close went to her aid. He managed to get the men out of the hallway and back through the door before slamming it shut on them.

Police are now trying to trace the pair who rang the doorbell at the house between 7.45pm and 8pm.

No description of the men has been released by the police but anyone who witnessed the incident or spotted the two men hanging around outside the house prior to the assault is asked to contact Romsey police on 101.