A huge new development at Nursling could create 3,600 jobs.

Disused land close to the M271 could become a thriving complex featuring offices, warehouses, a care home and houses.

Applications submitted to Test Valley Borough Council this week are the first steps towards making those ambitious plans a reality.

The 78-acre site at Adanac Park is owned by Barker-Mill Estates, one of Hampshire’s biggest landowners.

It was originally earmarked as the potential site of an international company’s headquarters.

Part of the site is already occupied by the Ordnance Survey’s £40 million HQ, completed in 2010, and a Holiday Inn.

The new plans for the site features a wide range of different types of employment space, including offices, industrial units and storage operations.

It features more than 47,000 sqm of business space spread over four plots of land, including a redeveloped Yew Tree Farm building.

There would be 31,700 sqm of storage and distribution space, including one enormous 27,600 sqm storage and distribution centre directly to the north of the Ordnance Survey headquarters.

The plan also contains two separate housing plots – one would be at the far north of the site off Nursling Street, which would have 26 homes and an 80-bed care home.

And the second is around Bargain Farm, which would feature 23 homes. Adjacent to that spot there would be a restaurant.

Barker-Mill Estates estimates that, if the master plan comes to fruition, about 3,600 new jobs will be created.

Although full planning permission would be required before any of the new buildings are built, gaining outline permission will make the site far more attractive to businesses interested in setting up there.

Despite planning permission being granted for a large company headquarters in 2008 and 2009, Barker-Mill Estates was unable to find a firm to occupy the entire site.

But Barker-Mill Estates says there has already been “a lot of interest” from a variety of businesses in the new proposals, who have been attracted by the less restrictive nature of the master plan.

Barker-Mill Estates trustee Tim Jobling said: “This is an exciting opportunity for the area that focuses on enormous amounts of inward investment and thousands of jobs – both things that south Hampshire is crying out for.

“We all know the UK needs further kick-starting to break out of slow growth.

“The vibrant proposition offered by the Adanac Park master plan is the push that might do the same for our local region.”

For more information visit consultation-online.co.uk/adanacpark