ROMSEY has been hit by severe flooding again.

Acres of farmland, businesses, and roads in the Greatbridge area of the town were submerged on Thursday night as the River Test and Old Barge Canal burst their banks.

A large swathe of land stretching from the aptly named World of Water down to the Greatbridge railway bridge was under water this morning (Friday) including the A3057 Romse to Stockbridge Road.

Home owners in Budds Lane were battling to keep floodwater out of their properties - many barricading drives with sandbags in a bid to keep the dirty torrent out.

Chris and Caroline Egg were on high alert as torrents of water swept towards their home and the situation was made worse by lorries and 4x4s not slowing down.

This created waves which crashed against the defences put in place to stop the water.

Chris said: “A neighbour across the road alerted us at about 1.30am this morning (Friday). We were told water was coming down our drive. We got up to have a look. I put a wheelie bin and old plaster board in the drive until Test Valley Borough Council arrived with sandbags. There was a constant stream of water coming into Budds Lane.”

Water did breach flood defences and get into some homes in Budds Lane said, Chris.

Romsey World of Water was closed after the company's car park off Greatbridge Road was flooded to a depth of between 6ins and 9ins.

Greatbridge Service Station was also closed due to flooding.

Businesses on the Greatbridge Industrial Estate were also hit by flooding including a building occupied by Bradbeers.

“Our removal storage warehouse had a couple of inches of water over some of the floor. But thankfully no stock was affected. This is the second time in the last 14 years that this happened,” said Bradbeers MD Greg Davies.

Fishlake Meadows Road was also closed once again this morning.