HEALTH and safety is paramount.

That the view of Jo White who is angry that Romsey carnival chiefs are still going ahead with next Tuesday’s children’s go-kart race past her Narrow Lane home in the town despite her safety worries.

Carnival officials had also planned to use Narrow Lane for the bed race on the same night but after Mrs White expressed her concerns about the safety of competitors they dropped it from the route.

Jo said: “I am pleased they have stopped the bed race from going down the public footpath (Narrow Lane) but I am still very concerned about it being used by the go-karts.

“It’s just as bad with go-karts. I believe there is still a danger and will be taking this further. People taking part have still got to lift the go-karts over bollards and they could trip over cables on the footpath. If it is deemed unsafe for the bed race, surely the same must apply to the go-karts?

“I am worried someone is going to injure themselves. I am not against the carnival, particularly as I used to take part in it with the Brownies, but this does worry me. I am also worried about people trampling over my garden which doesn’t have a fence.”

Carnival spokesman, Pete Lomer confirmed that the committee had pulled Narrow Lane from the route after concerns raised by Mrs White.

Mr Lomer said: “We felt that there was a risk to participants lifting the beds over the bollards following concerns raised by a member of the public. The go-karts will still use Narrow Lane as planned.”

Carnival chairman, John Ray said everything possible has been done to ensure that the route which includes a wide area of the town centre is safe for the bed race and go kart competitors to use.

“We are going to put an event marshal outside Mrs White’s door and one each end of Narrow Lane.

“People can be assured that the carnival committee would not stage an event that posed a danger to competitors. Various road closure orders had been approved to enable the two events to go ahead.”