THE mother of a five-year-old taken to hospital with head injuries has praised two mystery boys at a playground who “saved the day”.

Katya Holloway, of Grange Close, Winchester, says her son Morgan's forehead “split completely open”, after a metal gate at Otterbourne Recreation Park swung back in his face.

“It happened when he ran out of the playground gate, which he pushed open and it swung straight back into his face. His forehead has split completely open, plus other more minor injuries.

“I just think it's crazy if the gate can be pushed back with such force by a small child that it smashes their face open,” she said.

Mrs Holloway also had her 7-year-old and 10-month-old sons with her.

Morgan was rushed to hospital after two other youngsters, believed to be about 11, called an ambulance.

“There were no other adults and these boys saved the day. They used their phone to call 999 for me and then one stayed with me and helped with the baby and calls to emergency services while the other went and waited at the road to direct the ambulance. I never got a chance to ask their names but I would really like to thank them properly,” Mrs Holloway said.

She says a similar incident occurred several years ago with her elder son at River Park playground and is now calling for the gates to be fitted with safety mechanisms.

A spokesperson for Otterbourne Parish Council said they had been contacted by Mrs Holloway and in a statement said: “The parish council is most concerned about what has happened and would not want to see harm caused to any child.”

However, parish clerk Julie Ayre refused to answer the question of how many similar incidents have been reported at the playground.