IF the Giving Tree Appeal hadn’t said it already a new survey has proved Winchester is a very charitable place to live.

BMI Sarum Road Hospital has conducted a survey which reveals 79 per cent of us would donate unwanted items to charity, 69 per cent of us would give money to charity and 41 per cent of us would dedicate time to volunteer.

Director of nursing at BMI Sarum Road Hospital, Sharon Greasley, said: “The survey reveals some reassuring information about the community where we live and work. It is good to know that residents across Winchester believe reaching out to others is still an important part of their busy lives.”

The survey also indicated Winchester patients care more about staff rather than facilities with 79 per cent voting for the quality of staff over the cleanliness of where they would stay.

Results also stated that nursing was the profession most associated with care, taking 58 per cent of the vote, while health care professionals, including paramedics, and GPs received a mere 17 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.