NEW EU food name protections have been announced across the South East, but Hampshire missed out.

The European Commission have so far awarded 62 British products with the European protected status, most recently including West Country meat and Anglesey Sea Salt yesterday.

‘European protected’ status can be allocated to locally produced foods to raise their profile, and prevent imposters from exploiting local delicacies.

However, Hampshire missed the boat, and with no new protections for foods from the region, South East MEP Anneliese Dodds has called for recognition for local produce.

She said: “There are many delicious products unique to Hampshire. I’m urging both consumers and central and local government to support our excellent Hampshire producers who might consider applying for European protected status.”

Hampshire has a range of locally farmed foods including trout, meat and cider, and in Winchester watercress, chocolate, real ale, chutney and jam are also produced.

Ms Dodds added: “This would give some of Hampshire’s excellent foods the recognition they deserve as internationally high quality and unique to this country.”