I’VE never seen it as bad as this before. Those are the words of Mrs D Orange of King’s Somborne which has been badly hit by ground water flooding.

Roads have been closed across the village and businesses have also been affected by the loss of passing trade. The Crown Inn, King’s Somborne Methodist Church and Epworth Hall have all been flooded along with many cellars and downstairs rooms in homes in the village.

Some people have been forced to move out of their homes. The Crown Inn is currently closed because it has been inundated with in the kitchen.

Mrs Orange said: “We’ve lived here 40 years and have never seen flooding as bad as this. People in the village are really struggling. Our house is ok but there is a big pond at the bottom of our garden.”

Her husband Brian said: “Our village pub (Crown Inn) had to close on Tuesday night as there was about three to four inches of water in the kitchen, so they cannot produce any food for the foreseeable future. Houses in King’s Somborne that have never flooded before have water in them.”

Winchester Road through the village is closed because of flooding and the Corner Stores is suffering because of it.

Corner Stores owner Richard Martin said: “We are open for business as usual. The road closure has affected the business because we are losing passing trade. However, our regular and valued loyal customers are keeping us going.”

Further along Winchester Road is Cross Stores owned by Mrs Michelle Qassim and she said regulars say they have never known flooding as bad as it is in King’s Somborne.

“People that have lived here for 50 years and more have told me they have never seen any like this before. People have had to leave their homes because of flooding in Winchester Road and Vicarage Lane and the Crown Inn is closed until further notice. It’s terrible. We are ok here because we are higher up but I feel very sorry for families in the village that have had to move out because their homes are flooding,” said Mrs Qassim.

Many roads connecting King’s Somborne with nearby Up Somborne, Little Somborne and Ashley have been affected by flooding and drivers to been forced to take detours via Farley Mount and onto Hursley and Winchester.

Tanner’s Pond Ford between Winchester Road and the A3057 at King’s Somborne is also closed because the water level is extremely high.

The Somborne Stream which straddles Winchester Road has also burst its banks in places.