SWEET wrappers, drinks cans and crumpled leaves - Kings Walk in Winchester has been looking rather downtrodden lately.

Since Winchester City Council recently took official ownership of the area as part of the redevelopment of Silver Hill, it seems to have lain forgotten.

Former Mayor, Sue Nelmes, was passing through and noticed the issue, which she has since reported to council officials, who have not yet been able to add the area to their ‘cleaning rota’.

She decided to sweep the street herself. “I don’t blame the officers I have been dealing with because they have to work to systems,” she said, “but what I do worry about is that this is a number of people’s livelihoods and it’s really filthy so I thought that I would do my bit to help them. I can sweep it so I will.

“This is part of the area that will be redeveloped as part of Silver Hill but it has to exist profitably until then.”

Annie Smith, who works in the antiques market agreed. She said: “Can you imagine in the summer with visitors coming through and seeing this?”

A Winchester City Council spokesman said: “The city council is taking over supervision of the King’s Walk development which has been acquired by the council.

“We have been made aware of the cleanliness of this area and it is being attended to.”