THEY may usually be used to play Angry Birds, but one Winchester pre-school has found a smart way of using iPads.

Kings Worthy pre-school has started using the technology in the classroom to keep parents up to date with their child’s progress, achievements and photographs.

The new system, known as Tapestry, can be accessed at home or on a mobile phone via secure log in details, and parents can add their own comments if they wish.

It allows pre-school staff the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the term, and parents have heaped praise on the system.

One of those parents, Hannah Benwell, said: “This new system is brilliant. I really enjoy being able to see what my little one has been up to as it happens.

“It gives me a chance to talk to her about what she’s been doing and it’s great to have regular feedback on her development, rather than waiting for a meeting once a term.

“The photos are great and we’ve even been able to view video of her dancing during a music session.”

Jo Parker, manager of the pre-school, said the system is not only more efficient, but a great way of creating partnerships with parents.

“Tapestry means the development of each child is easier to capture and appraise,” she said.

“We are also able to keep parents more involved in their child’s learning journey through easy to use, everyday technology.”

For those parents who are unable to access Tapestry, the pre-school is offering equipment for viewing on site, or printed versions.