ELDERLY residents in Alresford may see encumbered pathways cleared in the not-too-distant future.

On Wednesday’s cabinet meeting (March 19), Alresford Town chair, Lisa Griffiths, addressed councillors for clearer pathways for mobility scooter users, arguing that tree roots have broken the pavements creating a hazard.

“Alresford is only one square mile so should be easy to traverse by mobility scooter,” she said. “However the increasing number of scooter users are commenting upon the hazards they meet.

“Mobility scooters are a lifeline in ensuring that elderly or disabled residents are able to maintain a sense of independence, can attend social events and do not become isolated in their homes.”

Cabinet chairman, Keith Wood, said: “Anything to help the elderly I’m very keen on. I think this is a very good suggestion.”

Councillor Victoria Weston said: “It’s something we need to take on board and work towards with Hampshire County Council.”