YOUNG mum Donna Galliott sat in the car, sobbing.

She’d taken her sick one-year-old daughter Lily for an emergency appointment at Winchester’s St Clements Surgery.

As doctors were running late, the pair had sat for 20 minutes past their allotted time in the cramped waiting room.

But because her toddler was distressed and screaming in pain, Donna says a receptionist told her to take the sick child outside and wait there.

“I felt so humiliated, it was awful” she said.

“Lily had been unwell with a temperature for a week. When I noticed blistering on the roof of her mouth I rang the surgery and was told to bring her straight in.

“We arrived just after 5pm for an appointment at 5.10pm, but were still waiting at 5.30pm.

“Lily wasn’t comfortable, she was screaming.

“Then we were thrown out of the waiting room - the receptionist said ‘you’re making too much noise’.

“I could feel myself welling up.”

After standing outside in Winchester’s rush hour traffic for several minutes, then crying in her mother-in-law’s car as she related what had happened, Donna decided to have Lily seen elsewhere, so cancelled her appointment.

An out-of-hours consultation later that evening concluded the tot was suffering from a viral infection.

Donna, of Holly Meadows, Teg Down, who holds down two jobs as well as well as being a mum, rang St Clements Surgery Practice Manager Kathy Bracher to complain – but says she has not received an apology.

Fellow patient Julie Hicks said she watched in horror as a woman and child were ejected from the GP’s practice.

“I couldn’t believe what was happening and really felt for them. There were only two other people in the waiting room who didn’t seem bothered by having Lily there.

“Anyone with small kids understands they scream when they’re ill – it’s just the way it is.

“It was disgraceful and well out of order.”

Ms Bracher later told the Hampshire Chronicle that medical confidentiality meant that she was unable to comment about any incident involving a patient.