IT MAY not have monkeys, exotic birds or a unique climate, but Kew Gardens in London recently played host to Winchester pupils who are learning about rainforests.

The trip, at the beginning of March, saw 135 Kings’ School pupils alongside their geography teachers travel to the gardens, starting their day at the Princess of Wales Conservatory to study how different climatic zones affect plant types and growth structure.

The Year 8 pupils then went up the 15 metre treetop walkway, which has a 360 degree view of London, to examine the tops of the trees and surrounding gardens.

The day finished at Palm House where pupils could feel the intense 26 degree heat and moisture that makes the tropical rainforest so unique.

James Jenkins, Year 8, said: “I really enjoyed the day - it was fascinating to see all the varying plants in the different climate zones. The treetop walkway was breathtaking.”