AS WINCHESTER City Council approved planning permission for their home and attached business, a Hampshire family wept.

After selling their three houses in Waltham Chase, Hedge End and Curdridge to fund the project, the group proposed to redevelop the use of their existing land in to a nine-hole golf course and replace the existing bungalow with a house large enough for all ten family members – including an elderly disabled woman.

After much scrutiny from the planning committee at the meeting on Thursday (April 3) eight councillors voted in favour of the development of Little Greenwood Farm in Durley.

The land, which has been in the family since 1956, has been used recreationally since 1994 and once formed part of the golf course at East Horton.

Now though, it will stand alone in its own right, and offer not only a nine-hole ‘pay and play’ course, but two holiday chalets, parking for up to 70 cars, and of course, their family home.

Jenny Whittle, the daughter of Clara Wakeford who applied for planning permission, said with tears in her eyes that they were in shock.

“I am pleased that the council recognised the family commitment that has gone into the site – and we are very proud that we can move forward in a positive way,” she said.

“I can’t put it into words – I’m in shock.”

Cllr Barry Lipscomb said: “I very much want to support this application and we have given it a very thorough examination. It’s a fine design and it is unusual for us to be presented with a building to house a ten-member family.

“I am going to vote in favour and I wish the applicants every success for their future.”