ALRESFORD Town Council unanimously agreed not to comment on proposals for larger airspace at a Hampshire airport.

Despite an increase in the number of flights, the council decided they would not comment on the TAG Farnborough Airport public consultation, which so far has caused nothing but controversy amongst locals who fear they will face noise disruption.

The plans would see the controlled airspace for TAG Farnborough Airport extended to a similar size to Gatwick, despite only operating an estimated 25,000 business and private aircrafts per year.

The nearby village of Ropley would face 28 departures flights per day, but the town council remained firm that they did not feel strongly enough to have their say.

Chairman Lisa Griffiths said: “By the time the planes reach us, they will be at 7,000 feet, and I very much doubt they will cause us any disruption.”

The public consultation can be accessed online at, and ends on May 2.