HAMPSHIRE police have had 16 requests from people trying to find out if their partner has a history of domestic violence since the launch of a new scheme last month.

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme aims to protect potential victims by providing information about a partner’s past.

If they have a history of violence, police can disclose information in order to protect people at risk. So far the scheme run by Hampshire police has resulted in the force making five disclosures.

In a further three cases potential victims chose not to continue with the relationship after meeting with police.

Under the scheme – named after 36-year-old Clare Wood who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2009 – anyone with a specific concern can request the information.

This includes potential victims themselves or a friend, relative, loved one, carer or neighbour.

Superintendent Ben Snuggs, Hampshire Constabulary’s lead on domestic abuse, said: “At the heart of the scheme is our commitment to improving our ability to identify and protect people who are most vulnerable to a significant risk of domestic abuse.

“In doing so, we are then able to work with our partners to ensure that person is protected from any further abuse, prevent crime and reduce reoffending.”