NEW DELHI police investigating the murder of Winchester man Andrew Rodick, have found where the plastic bag his body was dumped in was bought, and questioned more than 150 touts and known drug traffickers in connection with the crime.

Shopkeepers in the Paharganj district of the Indian capital recall both the bag and the white rope used for tying it up being purchased on April 26, the day before the father-of-two was found murdered.

But they cannot identify the buyer as neither of the shops has CCTV cameras.

The Times of India has reported that police are trying to work out why Mr Rodick’s killers left his passport in his pocket but took the key to his room at a nearby guesthouse.

Prior to his death the 39-year-old father of three lived at two Winchester hostels at Hyde Gate, Hyde and in Christchurch Road.

Friend Gary Tynan, of Princes Place, Stanmore, said Mr Rodick was an “alright geezer” who adored his children.