IN the week that has seen swarms up and down the country; the bees at Sparsholt College didn’t want to be left out.

As marketing officer Fiona Carty was walking back to her car she heard an odd buzzing sound, only to be greeted by a swarm of the insects on a sign-post near her car, which was parked near the Horticultural centre.

Luckily, Game and Wildlife lecturer Matt Moore, who is also a keen bee-keeper, was on hand to shoo them away.

Using a special device, he was able to capture the Queen to lead the rest of the hive away.
Fiona said: “It was incredible to be able to see the bees swarm from such close quarters.

“Sparsholt College is all about the countryside, environment and land and to see nature at work here on the campus seems totally in keeping with what we do so well here.”

The college was recently given four hives as part of their centenary celebrations.