IT was a sight to behold as a sea of pink swelled across Winchester for this year’s Cancer Research Race for Life.

Mums, sisters, daughters, grannies and aunts adorned in pink vests, shorts – and even bunny ears – ran 5,000 metres from the start line at Garrison Ground at Bar End in a bid to raise as much as they could all in the name of charity.

Event organiser, Fiona Miller, said despite the heat the ladies ploughed on, spurred on by loved ones at the sidelines.

“It was a lovely atmosphere with loads of kids and dogs and partners cheering people on,” she said. “We got in extra water and everyone was really well prepared with sun screen because it was very hot.

“It was the volunteers who made the day though; without them we couldn’t have gone ahead with it. They could’ve been sunning themselves on a beach somewhere so we’re really grateful to them.”

Among the runners were the Candyflossies – a team from Tesco Extra in Winnall and the Hiltingbury Pinks from Chandler’s Ford.

Group leader Liz Challand said: “Our team consisted of mums and daughters from Hiltingbury and we hoped to raise over £500 for the well deserving charity. Our team included newbies Ariel and Frankie Cox aged just six and nine who thoroughly enjoyed the event dancing around the course!”

Sat on one of the platforms was one former cancer sufferer, Claire Walker-Lloyd. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and was given a mere one per cent chance of being able to conceive. However, her four-year-old son Leo, who stood firmly by her side, was living proof Claire had fought back and now, five years on, she’s been given the five-year all-clear and stands as a testament to the Race For Life ethos.

“It is such a lovely story,” Ms Miller added. “It just helps is to remember why we’re doing it.

“We’re hoping to raise £115,000 in total and we’re about half way at the moment according to the Just Giving site. We’re hoping we’ll hit the target once everything’s come in.”