LEADING Winchester city councillors will be held to account as part of a shake up in the way the council is scrutinised.

The scheduled meetings will bring portfolio-holding councillors before the Winchester City Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee to take questions.

Cllr Rob Humby has been earmarked as one of the first for his involvement with the Silver Hill project, with the move was suggested by committee chair Cllr Chris Pines on Monday, June 9.

He said: “We did discuss this about a year ago, but it does give us the opportunity to take one portfolio holder, not to task, but for them to make a short statement about their work and the committee to question them on anything relevant. We were hoping to start this next time.”

Not all members were keen, with Cllr Robert Sanders concerned about the added workload.

“So the idea is that we get them in for a grilling? Setting a load of dates so they can be at your beck and call seems a bit pointless to me,” he said.

Cllr Therese Evans said: “I don’t see it as creating unnecessary work; I think it is part of a normal scrutiny process.”

Councillors Mike Southgate and Jan Warwick were also named for meetings in September and December.