THESE aren’t just safety barriers – these are hand-painted, personally-sponsored safety barriers.

Over the last few years bollards throughout The Square and along parts of Union Street have been meticulously crafted, donning all sorts of images, sponsored by a number of businesses throughout the district.

Rachael Alexander and Jenny Muncaster, artists at The Colour Factory, have been commissioned by such businesses as Bang and Olufsen and Farrow and Ball to depict beautiful images on the otherwise dull and dreary black bollards. They are currently being repainted.

Rachael said: “It has been amazing to turn something so mundane into beautiful works of art that are so loved by everyone who sees them.”

Jenny said: “The painted bollards really do bring a smile to people’s faces and the collection has turned The Square into a real attraction. It is a joy to paint them.”

Anyone willing to sponsor anymore bollards is urged to contact the artists by email at