WINCHESTER civic chiefs tonight confirmed their backing for night bus services.

City councillors on the Town Forum decided to fund the service for another two years, starting from September.

The service runs from the city centre to Badger Farm, Stanmore, Weeke and Harestock on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between around 10pm and 12.30am.

Started in 2012 the schedule has been tweaked to better coincide with the trains.

Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors voted to approve the £13,000 subsidy but Conservatives opposed, saying it was a county role to support public transport.

A possible threat is the county council review of its bus subsidies due to conclude by the end of October, the forum heard.

If other services are stopped that could hit the viability of the night service, said Simon Finch, assistant director (built environment).

Tory councillor Fiona Mather asked why the forum, which only covers the six city wards, was supporting a service when parish councils in Harestock and Badger Farm had refused.

Lib Dem councillor Jim Maynard said the service needed better promotion.