THERE were mixed views as Alresford residents pored over plans for the town over the next 17 years.

After mounting public pressure, New Alresford Town Council hosted an exhibition on Friday and Saturday at the Community Centre in West Street.

It detailed an alternative housing option to the proposed Sun Lane site which has stirred huge controversy attracting 500 people to a public meeting at Perins School in May.

Winchester City Council’s Local Plan Part One requires 500 new homes to be built in Alresford between 2011 and 2031, and 386 of those are yet to be allocated.

The alternative scheme could spread the development across sites to the west of New Farm Road and north of The Avenue, but the Town Council says it may not be able to provide a new site for business.

It also reduces the amount of open space, has no provision for a new burial ground, and would still include 150 homes at Sun Lane. Town councillor Stuart McCullouch said: “There are mixed reactions. It’s not an easy equation to find the answer to. Everybody realises there are lots of issues. There are two plans on the table and the choice between them is not simple. People are taking it very seriously and making interesting comments.”

Carolyn Walker, of Nursery Road, Alresford, said: “I think Sun Lane is going to go ahead anyway. The alternative plan has no access so we are scuppered because there is too much traffic going through. Nursery Road is like the M25 already.”

Aaron Nother, also of Nursery Road, said: “I don’t know how the school is going to cope with all those people.”

Whilst many had reservations about either proposal, others said Sun Lane was the logical choice.

Sarah Badham, of Freefolk, said: “My parents live in Arlebury Park. Sun Lane just seems to make sense, it has always been earmarked and for as long as I can remember people would say there is going to be building there. I think it’s better, as long as they put in the things they say they are putting in. It seems better than there being houses here, there and everywhere.”

On July 18 there will be a public meeting at Perins Sports Hall, and residents will have the opportunity to comment.