MORE than 50 schools across Hampshire have announced that they will be closed to all or some students as a result of tomorrow's industrial action.

The National Union of Teachers has announced it will be taking part in the action which means schools across Hampshire could be hit by closures by striking teachers.

In the Winchester area one class at Bishop’s Waltham Junior School will be closed.

So far 57 schools have confirmed that they will be closed completely or partially due to lack of staff.

Dozens more schools have said they were not in a position to confirm whether they will be closing as teachers are not bound to inform head teachers of their intention to strike ahead of any planned industrial action.

Speaking ahead of the strike, Pete Sopowski, NUT representative for Southampton, said he expected a good show of support for the strike by key unions.

He said: “We are going out with them [other public sector workers] because joint action is better than individual action. The Government should be blamed because it will not negotiate with the teachers.

“We hope parents and grandparents will understand our struggle. Teachers can't afford to go on strike but feel they have to for their own futures.”