A WINCHESTER woman recovering from anorexia has completed a skydive, raising over £400 for charity in the process.

Lydia Crump, 21, of Broad Chalke Down, Badger Farm, spent much of last year in hospital after her weight plummeted to just five and a half stone.

But now she is celebrating after a tandem skydive which raised £420 for Action Aid, who help people in poverty around the world.

She said: “It was weirdly calm, it all seemed a bit surreal ‘til we jumped. Then by the time you see everyone else jumping you don’t really have time to think! It’s such a thrill – then goes weirdly serene, it just feels like you’re swimming in the sky!”

She added: “That money can make a real difference to people who cannot afford the basics and haven’t had the chance of education. It makes our problems seem insignificant.”