A FAMILY in Winchester have been denied planning permission for their home after civic chiefs refused their plans to extend.

Planning chiefs said the two-storey extension at their property on St. Cross was not in keeping with the surrounding areas, despite having agreed to the family’s single-storey extension some five years before.

Cllr Iain Tait said: “Some members here may recall in December 2007 when the corner extension was discussed. I believe that has been a great success, it’s been well received locally and it was the right decision of the committee. This is a contemporary design but I think this is right for the applicant’s needs.

“I fully accept the comments of the conservation officer but there’s a significant degree of opinion here. I think it’s a very good proposal.”

The applicant, Robin Galloway, said he had lived at the property with his wife and children since 2006 and wanted to extend their living quarters. The two-storey extension included a dining room on the ground floor, a studio on the second, and a flat roof with a few flower pots accessed by a hatch.

He said: “What it boils down to is a matter of taste and I think that’s what’s before us today.”

But councillors were not swayed by Mr Galloway’s pleas and unanimously refused the application.

Cllr Thérèse Evans said: “I’m sympathetic to the applicant but we are where we are because of the conservation process. There has not been a full agreement with the officers yet here we are. The language which is in our report is quite strong: ‘extremely inappropriate’.

“Regretfully I will support the reasons for refusal. They need to come forward with an application which everyone can agree on.”