MEMBERS of the Hampshire Farmers’ Market have celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The not-for-profit organisation, which operates in various places across the region including Winchester, Romsey and Petersfield, has marked the milestone by launching its own new range of produce.

Jams, chutneys, rape seed oil, apple juice and honey will all be sold under the new name, White Label, to hotels, restaurants, cafes and bed and breakfasts.

Business manager, Alex Handford, said: “We wanted to broaden our market for the wonderful variety of foods that our producers create through having our own brand and to use this opportunity to create greater awareness of what the Hampshire Farmers’ Markets has to offer.”

Ms Handford added: “Many of our producers have won top regional, national and international awards - but it is not just about awards. Our producers approach every step of their production with great care, understanding, insight and compassion, to bring the best to market. They get up extremely early to get to our market locations, set up their stalls and greet our customers with warmth, friendliness and enthusiasm.

“Our meat producers sell beef, pork, lamb, water buffalo, goat, poultry and game that is fully traceable from stock that has been cared for with the highest levels of animal husbandry and welfare - for example our producer Woodlands Jersey Beef, won a Compassion in World Farming ‘Good Dairy Award.”

In September members will be celebrating British Food Fortnight at the Emsworth market and will also host a special dinner at the Brookfield Hotel on September 30.