A WINCHESTER man is set to take on one of the toughest challenges in Hampshire to raise money for charity despite having been diagnosed with cancer.

Derek Weaver, of Alresford Road, will spend 24 hours walking 106 kilometres around the Isle of Wight, on August 23, even though he was told he had prostate cancer in July.

His illness came to light a short while after the 66-year-old underwent a routine blood test earlier in the year.

Now, in a bid to raise £2,000 for Cancer Research UK by taking part in the Isle of Wight Challenge, Mr Weaver has put his own treatment on hold.

He found out about the disease after he registered for the challenge because of his love of walking and will stride the Isle together with his 31-year-old son John.

“I just decided to do it for the challenge,” Mr Weaver said. “I do quite a bit of walking anyway and like to keep fit but ultimately it was the challenge that made me want to do it. I like to have something on the horizon.”

Mr Weaver, who lives with his wife Janet, also 66, said he’s confident the cancer won’t stop him in his tracks and his doctors have said they’re happy for him to begin his treatment in September.

Mr Weaver, who is also father to 34-year-old Kerry, said: “I probably will be affected a little bit because the illness is making me quite tired.”

“Somehow it wasn’t a surprise because I’d gone through a series of tests,” he added. “There wasn’t an ‘oh my God’ moment of realisation because the tests found this and the idea had already built up over the last six months.

“I’ve never done anything this big before. In training I’ve got up to 55 km which took me 12 hours so hopefully I’ll do it.”

To donate to Mr Weaver's cause visit justgiving.com/Derek-Weaver.