AN INSURANCE company in Winchester has launched a new apprentice scheme.

Transactor Glocal Solutions Limited (TGSL), in Colden Common, has launched its Higher Apprentices Scheme which aims to help young people gain relevant skills while earning a living.

The new scheme is in addition to their established graduate programme.

Ray Vincent, chief executive officer, TGSL, said: “In the key areas of technology and service, the training and personal development we offer gives our future stars an opportunity to 'dual track' in the classroom and out there in the business, providing a fully integrated mix of the academic and the practical that will give them a valuable foot on the ladder of their IT careers.”

The company are set to take on eight apprentices at their site and a further 16 graduates across the group.

”I like the idea of giving young people an opportunity to work in parts of our business that have traditionally been the preserve of graduates,” Mr Vincent added. “Not all young people want to commit to several years of formal education, and doubtless a large student loan to repay. Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience.”

Samantha Firmager, HR Officer, said apprentices will earn a nationally recognised qualification.

She said: “A Level 4 and 5 is equivalent to a higher education certificate, higher education diploma or a foundation degree. A Level 6 is equivalent to a bachelor degree, and a Level 7 is equivalent to a master's degree.

“With the right level of commitment, all our apprentices will have an opportunity to progress through all seven levels. We will be happy to consider applicants at GCSE or A level standard.”