THIS IS the aftermath of an assault on a Hampshire police officer who was on duty trying to protect the public.

The Hampshire Police Federation has released the shocking photograph of the bloodied police vest following the attack on a police officer in Winchester.

The on duty officer was head butted, causing him an injury that has left them with a permanent scar.

It come after the thug responsible has been convicted of ABH and sentenced to 122 days in prison.

John Apter, Hampshire Police Federation Chairman, said: “This was a violent attack on a police officer who was doing his duty. Police officers, and indeed any public sector worker who are assaulted in the execution of their duty must feel supported by the Judicial System.

“This sentence does not reflect the seriousness of the assault and certainly does not make our officers feel valued by the 'system'.

“The assault inflicted on the officer shows the harsh reality of policing, but it must never be seen as an acceptable part of policing.

“The vast majority of the public support our police officers, it's now time for the Judicial System to do the same.”