AN UNSETTLING theatre experience awaits visitors to the Winchester School of Art degree show that ends today.

They can find themselves seated next to an unexpected companion: a mannequin wearing a large cat’s head.

As if that wasn’t surprising enough, projected on the screen at the front of lecture theatre B is an image of the theatre filled with similar creatures.

The piece at the Park Avenue campus was created by Emily Miller, 21, who lives on Winnall Manor Road, and may leave audience’s perplexed - just the response Emily wants.

Playing on audience expectations of the theatre, she said: “I’m manipulating the audience using a series of plotless episodes where nothing happens.

“The piece is designed to confuse and agitate the viewers.”

Another artwork hard to miss is Frances West’s rabbit mural, titled ‘Ralph Recurring.’ The mural consists of a series of identical rabbits, and runs along the outer wall of the campus’s West Side building.

The degree show celebrates the work of its graduating students. The show features pieces of fine art and textile design as well as fashion exhibits and graphic art.