All flights at an airport have been grounded after a problem with an aircraft caused it to land next to the runway.

The LinksAir flight from Belfast City Airport experienced issues while landing at around 7.30pm yesterday at Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster.

Air accident investigators were called but the airport was expected to be closed until mid-morning today, grounding flights to a host of European destinations, including the party island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean.

A statement on the airport's website said: "At approximately 7.30pm on Friday August 15 , there was an incident involving a LinksAir flight at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

"The aircraft was returning from Belfast City Airport and suffered a problem with the undercarriage during landing.

"The aircraft remains adjacent to the runway and cannot be moved until aircraft investigators arrive on site. As a consequence the airport is currently closed and is not expected to reopen until mid-morning August 16.

"Passengers due to travel from the airport should contact their airline for the latest information regarding their flight."