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Reunited, thanks to Advertiser

letter Reunited, thanks to Advertiser

SIR: With the invaluable help of the Romsey Advertiser and its letters page (edition February 25) I am delighted to let you know that by 2pm on Wednesday I remade contact and spoke at length to dear family relatives Eileen Ridley and Christine Fields (both nee Chandler). Eileen has now received my book based on my mother’s life and by Thursday this week they will both have received it. The book includes their two photographs. The Chandlers were my mother’s childhood friends but I had lost co

INNER MONGOLIA, CHINA - NOVEMBER 04: Smoke billows from a large steel plant as a Chinese labourer works at an unauthorized steel factory, foreground, on November 4, 2016 in Inner Mongolia, China. To meet China's targets to slash emissions of carbon

letter Letter: Climate change a supranational issue

SIR: I refer to the letter in your pages of February 11 from Cllr Gwynne regarding Test Valley Borough Council's Climate Emergency Action Plan, which apparently falls below par compared to other councils, according to a report from an “outside body”.

Bob Mettyer at Romsey station in the 1950s with railway staff

Letter Letter: Memories of town railway station

SIR: I have watched from afar regarding the position of the old station masters house. I was born in Romsey in 1943 and lived in Banning Street till 1947 when I moved to Mitchells Close in 1947 until I moved away from home to South Wales.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street, London, to attend Prime Minister's Questions at the Houses of Parliament. Picture date: Wednesday January 19, 2022. PA Photo. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire.

LETTER Prime minister must go - the sooner the better

SIR: Boris Johnson must go. The sooner the better. Hopefully by the time this letter is published. Serial lying, false apologies and the inability to take responsibility are behaviours that Johnson has consistently produced in his careers as journalist and politician. Unfortunately for the country, these are not the behaviours needed for our prime minister.

Boris Johnson

LETTER 'We need a return to realism from the clutches of blind optimism and empty slogans'

SIR: As more stories continue to emerge of claims that this government and Boris Johnson allegedly attended lots of parties during lockdown, I wondered what it will take for more people to speak out or even to recognise how far we’ve fallen? In 11 years of being in power, the Conservative Party has had three leaders. The way in which leaders are dispatched in the Party, it could soon be four leaders. To use some of their own slogans, how is this “strong and stable”, or “unleashing Britai