STUDENTS from a Southampton school took part in a special event at the House of Lords.

The youngsters from St Mary's Independent School were invited to the prestigious government chamber to learn about the importance of healthy relationships.

Organised by education charity Explore the event was a chance for the pupils to discuss long-term relationships within the context of marriage.

With married couple, the young people shared the ups and downs of long-term relationships and participated in a question and answer session about their views on life.

They also talked about the pressures they are under to get good exam grades, the lack of authenticity on social media, and how they wish adults listened to them more.

The event was part of Explore's 18th birthday celebrations.

CEO Lisa Gagliani MBE said: “Children and young people today are just as likely to grow up with one parent, neither parent or both parents. Little wonder that many teenagers today do not believe or dare to hope that they could one day meet the right person, fall in love and that it could last a lifetime. We believe family breakdown is causing a great deal of anxiety and other acute youth mental health issues.”

She added: “Our workshops help set a new framework about relationships and develops a sense of trust, commitment and the constant need for communication - skills which can be learnt, practised and reap benefits not just in romantic relationships but in all relationships - including peer to peer, client, customer and boss.”