STUDENTS from the most remote settlement on the planet have become the first in a generation to achieve A level results and vocational qualifications.

Janice Green, Jade Repetto and Rhyanna Swain travelled from the island of Tristan Da Cunha in the South Atlantic to Peter Symonds in Winchester, boarding at the college while they studied for post-16 qualifications.

Janice gained A levels in business and product design and a BTEC subsidiary diploma in sport, Jade gained A levels in business, classical civilisation and English language and literature, and Rhyanna gained A Level English language and a diploma in health and social care,

They are the first inhabitants of Tristan Da Cunha to make the journey to Britain for their education in nearly 30 years.

Commenting on her results, Janice said: "My mum studied in Britain and encouraged me to grab this experience, as it was my one opportunity.

"I am very pleased with my A level grades, especially as they resulted in a better outcome than expected.

"This means I have a wider range of opportunities allowing me to choose the best possible higher education course for me.

"I am very thankful for all the support given to me by the staff and especially my teachers from Peter Symonds which has enabled me to achieve this."

The students plan to spend some time at home in Tristan Da Cunha for a year or two before returning to the UK to continue their education, with Jade and Janice considering apprenticeships and Rhyanna a career in nursing.

Jade said: “I’ve made friends for life and had experiences and opportunities I would never have had otherwise.”

Rhyanna added: “Being the first in a number of generations to come away to further my education feels like a big achievement.”