A HAMPSHIRE town is set to welcome a new vegan fair this month.

A vegan Romsey family have clubbed together to help organise the event, and are hoping to reach more than 1,000 people.

Featuring speakers, nutritionists and stalls selling various goods, the family say it is the first ever fair of its kind in Romsey.

On January 21 at Crosfield Hall, a family of three will welcome what they hope will be hundreds of people through the doors, with the event the brainchild of the Watkins family after they heard about the first vegan fair to hit Southampton last year.

The vegan diet is the practice of abstaining from using and eating any animal products, such as meat and milk.

Amanda Watkins, 47, runs a vegan drinks company with the help of her husband Martin, 54, and their daughter Ruby, 21.

Amanda said: "It's going to be a fun event, the one thing we want to get across is that no-one is going to be judged.

"It's a chance for people who aren't vegan to come along and experience what it can be like and the lifestyle that can be led.

"Supermarkets have been fantastic in donating vouchers so we can let people taste vegan food for themselves."

Around 1,000 people have expressed their interest on social media, and Amanda said that if it is a success, they will look to put on more festivals and events throughout the year.

She said: "Absolutely we'll want to come back for more. If this one goes well then we're thinking of one for lent, but I'd say three of four a year at least if we can."

Ruby, who helps with her mother's company Kuppa Kindness, said she was hoping to change people's perspectives.

She said: "It's not preachy, we have speakers coming to tell people how they can gain weight and build muscle on a vegan diet and information if they want to make that change.

"I've got friends all over the country who have been handing out posters, so I'm hoping for more than 1,000 people if we can!"

The Romsey Vegan Fair begins at 10am at Crosfield Hall on January 21, and runs until 4pm.